Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Oregon State College of Engineering recently launched Engineering Out Loud--a podcast telling the stories of how our faculty and students are creating a better future through their research and innovation. In the first six-episode season, several faculty, researchers and grad students from the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) were featured.  

In Episode 5, Professor Todd Palmer shared how he used Monte Carlo simulations in nuclear-fuel research related to the recently decommissioned VVR-SM research reactor in Uzbekistan. 


NSE postdoctoral researcher Eric Becker (Radiation Health Physics Ph.D., 2016) was featured in Episode 4. He, along with NSE Associate Professor Abi Farsoni, developed a UAV-mounted Radiation Compass that maps radiation sources autonomously in real time. It weighs only 650 grams and can be built for only $3,000 giving it a major advantage over current detectors.


Finishing the season off, NSE Ph.D. candidate Delvan Neville and Ph.D. student Caitlin Condon from the NSE Radioecology Research Group spoke about their work creating voxel phantom models for marine life and pine trees in Episode 6. By creating these models, they hope to begin to much more accurately understand radiation dose rates in biota.


For more episodes and to subscribe, please visit, search "Engineering Out Loud" on iTunes or your favorited podcast app, and like Engineering Out Loud on Facebook. Season two will be released in February.