Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ANS President Andrew Klein (left) and ANS Fellow Jose Reyes (right). Photo courtesy of Elite Photography Group

Professor Jose Reyes was named Fellow of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) at the 2016 ANS Winter Meeting. It is the society's highest membership honor. A faculty member at Oregon State since 1987, Reyes is currently on leave of absence while serving as Chief Technology Officer of small modular nuclear reactor company NuScale Power, headquartered in Oregon.

NuScale Power’s original design was formulated by Reyes during a research project resulting in the building of Oregon State’s Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor (MASLWR) test facility in the early 2000s at the College of Engineering’s School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE).

Responsible for evolving the original MASLWR design to what is now a major international contender in the commercial small modular reactor market,” Reyes was honored “for his vision, innovation, and leadership in developing passive safety systems and the NuScale small modular reactor” according to a statement by ANS.

Today, NuScale Power operates the NuScale Integral System Test facility at Oregon State and employs numerous Oregon State alumni and student interns. Partnering with NSE, NuScale also offers fully funded summer internships to students from the University of Sheffield in the UK to work with NSE faculty on research related to the NuScale design.   

With these close ties, it is fitting that Reyes was honored as Fellow by NSE Professor Andrew Klein, who currently serves as ANS President.

“It is exciting to have my faculty colleague and great friend, Jose Reyes, receive this important recognition from the American Nuclear Society, and it was particularly gratifying for me as ANS President to be the one to present this award to Jose in Las Vegas at the ANS Winter Meeting in November,” Klein said.  “Jose’s research throughout his career has consistently made critical advances to the safety and development of nuclear technologies, and now, through his efforts at NuScale, to the deployment of small modular reactors around the world.  Designation as a Fellow of the ANS is a significant recognition of his activities by his peers in nuclear science and engineering.”