International Conference on Transport Theory


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Radiative Transfer I
9:00 AM Radiative Transfer Reconsidered - N.R. Corngold
9:25 AM Multiple Scatter in Spatially Variable Media Implemented in Open CL - S. Casacio, J. Tessendorf, R. Geist
9:50 AM Polarized Radiative Transfer in a Multi-layer Medium Subject to Fresnel Boundary and Interface Conditions - R.D.M. Garcia
Combustion/Plasma Physics I
10:45 AM Modeling Radiative Thermal Transport in a Scramjet Combustor - A.G. Irvine, I.D. Boyd, N.A. Gentile, A.J. Crow
11:10 AM Turbulence Radiation Interactions in Particulate Laden Flow - M. Cleveland, T. Palmer and S. Apte
11:35 AM Kinetic Equations for Stark Line Shapes - J. Rosato, H. Capes, R. Stamm, A Mekkaoui, Y. Marandet
12:00 PM Plasma Density Fluctuation Effects on the Screening of Neutral Species in Tokamaks - A Mekkaoui, Y. Marandet, J. Rosato, R. Stamm, H. Capes, M. Koubiti, L. Gobert-Mouret, D. Reiter
Reactor Physics I
2:00 PM A Method for Improving the Eigenvalue in Transport Problems - S. R. Merton, R. Smedly-Stevenson, C.C. Pain
2:25 PM Neutron Transport in Molten Salt Reactors - I. Pazsit
2:50 PM Neutron Thermal Scattering Laws for Light and Heavy Water for Modeling Critical Assemblies and TOF Experimental Set-ups with Neutron Transport Codes - D. Roubtsov, K. Kozier, B. Becker, Y. Danon
3:15 PM Recent Developments on Explicit Formulations for Nodal Schemes of Two-Dimensional Neutron Transport Problems - J.F.P. Filho, L.C. Cabrera, L.B. Barichello
Deterministic Transport I
4:10 PM A Numerical Method for One-Speed Slab-Geometry Adjoint Discrete Ordinates Problems with No Spatial Truncation Error - D.S. Militao, H.A. Filho, R.C. Barros
4:35 PM On SN-PN Equivalence - R. Sanchez
5:00 PM Boundary Condition Analysis for the SP1 Approximation of the Radiative-Conduction Equation - F. de Azevedo, M. Thompson, E. Sauter, M.T. Vilhena
5:25 PM Fully Discrete Finite Element Approximation of a Bi-Partition Model for the Energy-Dependent Transport Equation - M. Asadzadeh, T. Geback
5:50 PM Improved Mixed and Hybrid Discretization of the Transport Equation in Slab Geometry - J. Cartier, M. Peybernes

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Uncertainty Quantification/Perturbation Theory I
9:00 AM Uncertainty Analysis of Radiation Transport Problems Using Non-Instrusive Polynomial Chaos Techniques - L. Gilli, D. Lauthouwers, J. Kloosterman
9:25 AM Initial Conditions State-Based Perturbation Theory - Y. Bang, H.S. Abdel-Khalik
9:50 AM Exact-to-Precision Generalized Perturbation Theory - C. Wang, H.S. Abdel-Khalik
Radiative Transfer II
10:45 AM Analytical Discrete Ordinate Method for Radiative Transfer in Vegetation Canopies - P. Picca, R.Furfaro, B.D. Ganapol
11:10 AM Moment-Based, Multiscale Solution Approach for Thermal Radiation Transport - H. Park, D.A. Knoll
11:35 AM Reducing the Spatial Discretization Error of Thermal Emission in Implicit Monte Carlo Simulations - A.G. Irvine, I.D. Boyd, N.A. Gentile
12:00 PM Deriving the Asymptotic P1 Approximation for Thermal Radiative Transfer - S.I. Heizler
Deterministic Transport II
2:00 PM Mixed Variational Formulation of the Transport Equation - J. Cartier, M. Peybernes
2:25 PM Application of Spectral Elements for 1D Neutron Transport and Comparison to Manufactured Solutions - A. Barbarino, S. Dulla, P. Ravetto, E.H. Mund, B. Ganapol
2:50 PM Analog Computing to the Time-Dependent Second-Order Form of the Neutron Transport Equation in X-Y Geometry - A. Pirouzmanda, K. Hadadb, P. Ravetto
3:15 PM P2-Equivalent Form of the SP2 Equations - Including Boundary and Interface Conditions - R. McClarren
Monte Carlo I
4:10 PM Variance Reductions for Forward and Inverse Transport Problems - G. Bal
4:35 PM Material Motion Corrections for Implicit Monte Carlo Radiation Transport - N.A Gentile, J.E. Morel
5:00 PM Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for an Implicit Monte Carlo Discrete Maximum Principle - A.Wollaber
5:25 PM A Modified Treatment of Sources in Implicit Monte Carlo Radiation Transport - N.A. Gentile, T.J. Trahan
5:50 PM A Coarse-Grained Particle Transport Solver Designed Specifically for Graphics Processing Units - F.A. van Heerden

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kinetics I
8:25 AM In Memory of Carlo Cercignani - Giovanni Frosali
8:35 AM Kinetic Modeling of Nitrate Removal Using a Nitrate Selective Resin: The Role of Mass Transfer - N. Talebbeydokhti, A.A. Hekmatzedeh, A. Karimi-Jashani, K. Hadad
9:00 AM Neutron Inverse Kinetics via Gaussian Processes - P. Picca, R. Furfaro
9:25 AM An Accurate Solution to the Master/Moments Equations for the Kinetics of Breakable Filament Self- Assembly - B.D. Ganapol
9:50 AM Application of the Hybrid Transport/Point Kinetics Method to Time-Dependent Source-Driven Problems - P. Picca, R. Furfaro, B.D. Ganapol
Quantum Transport I
10:45 AM Quantum Corrections on the Radiative Transfer Equation - J. Rosato
11:10 AM Atom-Atom Relaxation with Quantum Differential Elastic Scattering Cross Sections; Distribution Function Relaxation and the Kullback-Leibler Entropy - R. Sospedra-Alfonso, B.D. Shizgal
11:35 AM Shape Relaxation in Electron Atom Relaxation; The Kullback-Leibler Relative Entropy and Relaxation Times - R. Sospedra-Alfonso, B.D. Shizgal
12:00 PM Diffusive Limits for a Quantum Transport Model with Weak and Strong Fields - L. Barletti, G. Frosali

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reactor Physics II
8:25 AM In Memory of Vinicio Boffi - Barry Ganapol
8:35 AM The Transient 3-D Transport Coupled Code TORT-3D/ATTICA3D for High-Fidelity Pebble-Bed HTGR Analyses - A. Seubert, A. Sureda, J. Laupins, J. Bader
9:00 AM A Stochastic Theory of the Number of Fissions - A.K. Prinja
9:25 AM SP3 Solution Versus Diffusion Solution in Nodal Codes - Which Improvement Can Be Expected? - B. Merk, S. Duerigen
9:50 AM Consistent Recondensation Theory - S. Douglas, F. Rahnema
Analytic Transport Solutions I
10:45 AM A New Analytic Solution of the One-Speed Neutron Transport Equation for Adjacent Half-Spaces with Isotropic Scattering - R.P. Smedley-Stevenson
11:10 AM Energy-Dependent Analytical Solutions for the Charged Particle Transport Equation - T. Geback, M. Asadzadeh
11:35 AM Spatial Moments of Continuous Transport Problems Computed on Grids - J.D. Densmore
12:00 PM Eigenvalues of the Anisotropic Transport Equation in a Slab - E. Sauter, F. de Azevedo, M. Thompson, M.T. Vihena
Radiative Transfer III/Fluid Dynamics I
2:00 PM In-Water Ocean Optics Inversion Algorithm - N.J. McCormick, E. Rehm
2:25 PM On Boundedness of Higher Velocity Moments for the Linear Boltzmann Equation with Diffuse Boundary Conditions - R. Petterson
2:50 PM On the Speed of Heat Waves - M. Mikai
3:15 PM Density Distribution of the Molecules of a Liquid in a Semi-Infinite Space - V. Molinari, B.D. Ganapol, D. Mostacci
Special Session
4:10 PM Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Ken Case’s Paper: “Elementary Solutions of the Transport Equation and Their Applications” - Paul Zweifel

Friday, September 16, 2011

Deterministic Transport III
8:35 AM Exploration of an Adaptive Angular Solver in Neutron Transport - D. Lathouwers, D.J. Koeze
9:00 AM An Angular Multigrid Acceleration Method for SN Equations with Highly Forward-Peaked Scattering - B. Turcksin, J.C. Ragusa, J.E. Morel
9:25 AM Methodology for Decomposition into Transport and Diffusive Subdomains for the Linear Discontinuous Method - N.D. Stehle, D.Y. Anistratov
9:50 AM A Piecewise-Linear Discontinuous Spatial Discretization for Polyhedral Grids in 3D Cartesian Geometry -T.S. Bailey, W.D. Hawkins, M.L. Adams
Transport Applications I/Reactor Physics III
10:45 AM Dosimetry Calculation of Two Commercially Available Iodine Brachytherapy Seeds Using Spencer-Lewis 3D Multigroup SN Transport Code - N. Ayoobian
11:10 AM Radiation Field Characterization, Shielding Assessment and Activation Calculations for the MYRRHA Design - A. Ferrari, B. Merk, and J. Konheiser
11:35 AM Two-Region Diffusion Model for Improved Analysis of ADS Experiments - V. Glivici-Cotruta, B. Merk
12:00 PM A Mesh-Free Approximation of Spatial Neutron Flux Distribution - D. Altiparmakov