Abi Farsoni
Office Phone: 
(541) 737-9645
Nuclear Science & Engineering
Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Radiation Detection Group

Ph.D. Radiation Health Physics , Oregon State University (2006)
M.S. Nuclear Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (1999)
B.S. Applied Physics, University of Tehran (1992)

At Oregon State since 2006.

Abi Farsoni's research is interdisciplinary, crossing the boundaries between nuclear technology, advanced detection systems, and radiological environmental monitoring. Farsoni's primary research interests are in the areas of nuclear detection infrastructure for homeland security, remote atmospheric sensing, nuclear nonproliferation, radiological environmental measurements, environmental health physics, radiation dosimetry, and real-time digital data acquisition and processing systems. He has been in this field since 1992, conducting research in various areas from designing explosive-detection systems through neutron activation analysis to developing intelligent sensors for monitoring nuclear weapons tests around the globe.

Prior to Oregon State, Farsoni served as a radiation physicist at the Esfahan Nuclear Technology Center, ENTC (1992-2000).

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