Advanced Nuclear Systems Engineering Laboratory

The Advanced Nuclear Systems Engineering Laboratory is home to two major thermal-hydraulic test facilities—the High Temperature Test Facility (HTTF) and the Hydro-mechanical Fuel Test Facility (HMFTF). The HTTF is a 1/4 scale model of the Modular High Temperature Gas Reactor. The vessel has a ceramic lined upper head and shroud capable of operation at 850oC (well mixed helium). The design will allow for a maximum operating pressure of 1.0MPa and a maximum core ceramic temperature of 1600°C. The nominal working fluid will be helium with a core power of approximately 600 kW (note that electrical heaters are used to simulate the core power). The test facility also includes a scaled reactor cavity cooling system, a circulator and a heat sink in order to complete the cycle. The HTTF can be used to simulate a wide range of accident scenarios in gas reactors to include the depressurized conduction cooldown and pressurized conduction cooldown events. 

The HMFTF is a testing facility which will be used to produce a database of hydro-mechanical information to supplement the qualification of the prototypic ultrahigh density U-Mo Low Enriched Uranium fuel which will be implemented into the U.S. High Performance Research Reactors upon their conversion to low enriched fuel. This data in turn will be used to verify current theoretical hydro- and thermo-mechanical codes being used during safety analyses. The maximum operational pressure of the HMFTF is 600 psig with a maximum operational temperature of 450°F.