Nuclear engineers working on HTTF A large-scale reputation 

One of 31 operating research reactors in the U.S. resides at the Oregon State Radiation Center, which houses the school's classrooms, laboratories, and facilities. We're best known for our large-scale test facilities including the NuScale Power prototype, and the High Temperature Test Facility. 

Whether you're interested in collaborating with our researchers, have an expirement that requires irradiation, or researching our facilities as a prospective student, you'll find the information you need here.

Research Facilities

Advanced Nuclear Systems Engineering Laboratory 
Advanced Thermal Hydraulic Research Laboratory 
High Temperature Test Facilty 
Hydro-Mechanical Fuel Test Facility 
Multi-Application Light Water Reactor 
Laser Imaging of Fluids and Thermal 
Oregon State TRIGA Reactor

Laboratories and other facilities

Advanced Nuclear Instrumentation Development Laboratory 
Laboratory of Transuranic Elements 
Gamma Spectroscopy Facilities
High Performance Computer Cluster 

Radioecology Research Laboratory