Nuclear engineering focuses on enabling the peaceful use of the atom to provide electricity, process heat and make products that utilize radiation and radioactive materials.  Within the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) there are numerous opportunities for students to gain practical knowledge and experience in many areas of the field.  Research, development and testing are the hallmarks of our Ph.D., M.S. and M.Eng. programs, and undergraduate students often become involved in the research activities conducted by our faculty and graduate students. At Oregon State you can experience nuclear engineering like nowhere else in the world, as our large-scale test facilities, renowned faculty, and excellent student-to-faculty ratio make the NSE a unique and rewarding experience.

The program is accredited by ABET (view our accreditation information). 

Academics and Admission

We offer bachelor’smaster's, and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering. Each degree level has a different set of admission requirements. 

The undergraduate or bachelor's program is broken into two sections: pre-engineering (two years) and pro-engineering (two years).  Please review the undergraduate admission requirements and contact the Head Undergraduate Advisor Joan Stueve with any questions. 

Admission to a graduate program requires applicants to meet high standards set by the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering and the Oregon State Graduate School.

Degree Requirements