Steve Reese
Office Phone: 
(541) 737-2344
Nuclear Science & Engineering
Associate Professor; Director, Radiation Center

Associate Professor; Director, Radiation Center

Ph.D. Radiological Health Sciences, Colorado State University (1997)
B.S. General Science, Oregon State University (1991)

At Oregon State since 1997.

Steve Reeseā€™s fields of interest: radiation protection, activation analysis, radiation shielding, neutron radiography and dosimetry.

Prior to Oregon State, Reese served in the external dosimetry section (1991-1993) at Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory, in the Oregon State Radiation Safety Office (1997-1998), and as reactor administrator of the Oregon State Radiation Center  (1998 -2005). He is a member of the Health Physics Society, the American Board of Health Physicists, and the American Nuclear Society.