Alena Paulenova
Office Phone: 
(541) 737-7070
Nuclear Science & Engineering
Professor, Radiochemistry

Professor, Radiochemistry

Paulenova's Radiochemistry Research Group

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Kharkov State University, Moscow (1985)
M.S. Radiochemistry, Comenius University (1991)

At OSU since 2003.

Alena Paulenova’s research interest is in  radioanalytical and separation chemistry of actinides and important fission products, speciation of these metals in aqueous and organic solutions, complexation with man-made and natural ligands affecting their behavior in separation processes and mobility in natural bio-geochemical systems; effects of radiolysis, hydrolysis and redox interactions in these systems, including development of new separation materials and methods for medical and environmental applications (radiochemical sensors and waste treatment).

Paulenova is also an adjunct professor in the Oregon State Department of Chemistry.